Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Dinner

I am a very lucky woman as I have found my perfect valentine. For me, valentine is someone that loves you with no fear, restriction, pride and you love this person back the same way.
This someone loves you for who you are and what you represent for him/her. And as already said in Moulin Rouge: "the best thing in life to learn is to love and be loved in return".

On the Valentine's Day I prepared my one a special dinner which I will describe here:
Rocket, pear and blue cheese salad.

Roasted sweet pepper filled with baked rice and aspargus.

Chocolate soufle.

What did you have on your Valentine's dinner? Please comment.
And if you want to know any of the recipes on this post, just let me know which one!
And HAPPY VALENTINE'S to everyone!!!

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