Sunday, 9 January 2011

Food and I

I thought that for my first post it would be nice to write about my relationship with food.
My first memory of being interested in food was when I was in Parauna (very small town in the Brazilian central-west) watching my grandma Dona Maria doing fresh cheese (a Brazilian kind of cheese very similar to haloumi, but less salty).
I loved the idea of receiving the traditional way of cooking from my grandmother and mother, sort of heritage.
Then was the pamonha (the eighth worder of the world - if you eat it in Goias or Minas Gerais, the one from Sao Paulo and Rio can't even compare - made by corn), and then galinhada (chiken and rice), and so on...
At the same time I felt a need of experimenting things my own way. I would try food and attempt to guess the ingredients, how it was made and give it my touch. I still do that!
My mum is a chef that started cooking for people as a sort of favour. And the more people tried her food, the more they wanted her to cook them some other dishes.
Even having a chef mum made me quite scared of showing her my aptitudes, therefore, most of my friends and their family have tried loads of my food experiences, but my mum.
Lately she came to the UK for my wedding and finally I cooked her some stuff, but always apprehensive about how she would appreciate it. She loved and took some of my "creations" to her menu.
So hoping that we can experiment and comment on the results, here we go!!!

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  1. i hav been one of these friends who have tried your food FOREVER...and believe me, i will never have any other friend who beat you up in that ...u cook wonderfully my dear friend...